Sunday, December 20, 2009

INJURED – 20 December 2009 – Lamont Reef, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia – snorkeller attacked

shark_pengelly A 19-year-old snorkeller, (name nor released), was bitten on the arm by a shark while diving at Lamont Reef off Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

The incident happened around 7.45am on Sunday 20 December 2009.

A brief report noted he was taken to shore by dinghy and flown to Rockhampton Base Hospital and from there he was flown to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital where he was reported in stable condition.

There was no report of the extent of his wounds or what type of shark was responsible for the attack.


UPDATE – 21 December 2009

The victim’s name is John Pengelly. His left hand and lower forearm were badly injured including severed tendons, arteries and bone damage. He lost a lot of blood and needed a transfusion during transport Rockhampton Base Hospital to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

The shark was thought to be a 3-metre bull shark.

Brisbane Times

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FATAL – 18 December 2009 – 2nd Beach, Port St Johns, Transkei, South Africa – lifeguard attacked

A 22-year-old lifeguard (name withheld) was attacked and killed by a shark while on his paddle board in murky waters off 2nd Beach, Port St Johns, East Coast, South Africa.

A National Sea Rescue Institute spokesperson said he was seen lifting his hands in the air before being pulled off his paddle board. Other witnesses on the beach said he was then mauled to death by the shark as the sea turned red around him. No remains have been found.

The incident occurred around midday on Friday 18 December 2009.

Not other details were reported at the time of this blog.

Daily Dispatch
Sunday Times

Monday, December 14, 2009

INJURED – 13 December 2009 – Evans Heads, NSW, Australia – surfer attacked

Nigel Hughes, 39, was bitten on the left foot by a shark while surfing at Evans Heads, NSW, Australia. The incident took place on Sunday 13 December 2009.

He told media: “I got on a wave and was paddling to catch it when it hit me like a baseball bat to the foot.

“I was able to catch a wave in and looked back to see if my foot was still there - luckily, it was.”

He managed to limp up the beach with his left toe half hanging off. Friends wrapped the wound in a towel and took him to Lismore Base Hospital where he underwent surgery.

He said doctors told him his foot was quite mangled but they managed to sew it up.

“It was only my second surf of the holiday, so I wasn't happy,” he quipped.


Monday, November 30, 2009

INJURED – 24 November 2009 – Cocoa Beach, Florida, US – swimmer attacked

shark_cocoa_beach A 10-year-old boy, Garrett Gollihugh, suffered injuries to his leg and ankle after being bitten twice by a shark in shallow waters off Cocoa Beach, Florida, US. The incident happened on Tuesday morning 24 November 2009, the day before his 11th birthday.

“It felt like glass scraping my foot, really,” Garrett told media. “It hurt a lot.”

Rescue officials said he managed to wade ashore by himself after being bitten. On the beach his father wrapped the wound in a towel, while his sister called paramedics. He was taken by ambulance to Cape Canaveral Hospital for stitches. His injuries were not life-threatening.

Officials said, judging by the size of the bite, it was probably a 2-3 foot shark.


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

INJURED – 16 November 2009 – Jupiter Island, Florida, US – surfer attacked

Lifeguard Steve Burdelski, 22, was bitten on the right foot while surfing near the Jupiter Island Beach Club, Florida, US, early morning on Monday 16 November. Reports say he managed to swim back to shore and call for help. He was taken to Jupiter hospital and reportedly in a stable condition.

No other details, such the type of shark or extent of the wound, were reported.

Miami Herald

Sunday, November 15, 2009

INJURED – 13 November 2009 – Jupiter, Florida, US – surfer attacked

Melissa Hardcastle, 27, suffered minor injuries when she was bitten by a shark on the foot while surfing near Carlin Park, Jupiter, Florida, US.

The incident happened about 5pm on Friday 13 November 2009.

According to the girl’s mother and witnesses she was riding a wave when she was bitten on the foot. She managed to stay on her board and paddle to the beach from where she was taken to Jupiter Medical Center. She underwent minor surgery to clean the wound.

Hardcastle said she never saw the shark. The size and species are unknown.

No other details were reported.


INJURED – 11 November 2009 – New Smyrna Beach, Florida, US – surfer attacked

An 18-year-old surfer (name not released) suffered minor injuries when a 4-foor shark bitten bumped him on the shin and bit him on the back of the calf and the front of the shin.

The incident occurred on Wednesday 11 November 2009.

He was treated on the beach by lifeguards and friends drove him to hospital.

No other details were reported.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

INJURED – 8 November 2009 – Second Valley, south of Adelaide, Australia – diver attacked

Dean Brougham, 25, received minor injuries to his hand and leg when he was bitten by a shark while spear fishing at Second Valley, south of Adelaide, Australia. The incident happened on Sunday 8 November 2009.

He told media he had been in the water just seven minutes when the shark latched onto his leg. He said he punched the shark repeatedly before it released him and swam away.

“I came up, as soon as I got to the surface I felt someone, something pulling my leg and I thought it was just someone being a smart arse, and I turned around and just saw the big face looking at me.

“It was unimaginable, just freaky, just seeing this big monster’s head just looking at you.

“I just started beating it, just trying to get rid of it, and then it let me go and then I was just straight towards the cliffs.

“I can’t believe first of all I got attacked by a shark, I can’t believe second of all that I got out of the water, and I can’t believe that I've still got everything attached.”

Brougham was recovering in Adelaide’s Flinders Medical Centre.

He said he thought the shark may have been a white pointer.