Sunday, June 26, 2005

FATAL - 25 June 2005, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, US - boogie boarder attacked

A 14-year-old girl, Jamie Marie Daigle, was fatally attacked by a shark while boogie boarding with a friend about 200 metres offshore of a Florida beach in the Gulf of Mexico, on Saturday, 25 June. A nearby surfer who witnessed the attacked and brought the girl to shore told media he thought it was an eight-foot Bull shark.

He said most of her thigh had been bitten off revealing the bone.

The girl who was on holiday from Louisiana.

CNN said: "The attack happened at about 11:15 a.m. in front of a campground near
the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in the Florida Panhandle between Pensacola
and Panama City, eight miles east of Destin, United States."

This is the first shark attack in the area, according authorities.

The surfer and two men took the girl to shore. She was transported to the Sacred Heart hospital in Destin where she was pronounced dead.

CNN report

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SharkAttackMonitor said...

Authorites released the name of the girl Sunday, 26 June. She was Jamie Marie Daigle.

CNN report